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We help to digitally transform your business by augmenting your team with lateral thinkers.

The Voltron guarantee

Why choose Voltron Studio?

Dear Business Innovator,

Are you in need of top tier engineers to smash out a project? Every company is looking for good people, not just skilled, to join their engineering team. We understand that because we share the exact same values.

Low cost, high quality, and speed. The laws of software delivery force you to choose 2. Now imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have to compromise on any and have all 3... This is why you'd choose Voltron Studio.

Get your product in the market well before your competitors. You'd be able to demonstrate immediate business value to internal and external stakeholders and sleep better feeling confident all deliverables will be met.

So who are we? We're an end-to-end software development consultancy based in Sydney Australia by no bullsh*t engineers, providing high quality solutions in a short amount of time with below market prices. The trifecta.

We're experts in building and extending web/cloud based software, specialising in healthcare and AI commercialisation.

Our team also has a track record of building and leading countless teams in other industries: e-commerce, ageing, hospitality, home security, advertising, media, and travel/accommodation. We can assist businesses to get to where they need to be faster and with a focus on quality.

Want to see some of our work? Check out some of the products we have under our belt (here and here).

So ask yourself... are you tired of hiring duds that do the bare minimum, difficult to work with, trouble communicating, overestimate simple tasks, and seem to get nowhere with deliverables? What about dealing with bullsh*t statement of works, fighting for every feature and going through the rounds without actually getting anything done?

Then stop the cycle. End the stress and frustration with other software development consultancies that don’t understand software. Bring the Voltron team on board. Get stuff done. Meet your targets. Save your company money.

Interested? Schedule a free 30min chat to learn more about our processes and see where we can help you.

Hit the Ground Running

Zero training wheels required. No delays. We go full speed from day one.

Experts in our Craft

Decades of collective engineering experience and expertise means speed and quality.

Immediate Business Value

You line em' up, we'll knock em' down. We'll smash out deliverables by the end of every sprint.


Team empathy, zero tolerance for egos, and fostering an environment learning.


Spend time on the important things. Let us deliver on the details, no handholding required from us.

Engineering Pragmatism

The fine line between the best technology and a deliverable product is key to any successful release.

Designed, developed, and deployed by Voltron

Our passion is expressed through our great products.

Healthcare is complex with multi-faceted problems but we're determined to improve healthcare with one great product at a time.

David and Dennis working hard - Voltron Studio founders

Everything you need

What can we do to help your team?

Team Augmentation / Extension

We help ramp up your project deliverables and work cohesively within your engineering team. Your squads need additional manpower? You define the requirements, we supply the resources.

Rapid Prototyping

Exploration on how we envision things to work. We have deep experience in product discovery and development, we create intuitive, slick and beautiful interfaces.

Product Design and Development

Front-end development has the stigma of being difficult to work with, we believe the opposite. Our engineering team have participated in the long journey of the ever changing landscape of front-end development.

Platforms and Architecture

Assist teams design, develop, and deliver scalable back-end/infrastructure systems. Too many businesses don't focus on designing resilient back-end systems - we ensure data security and it's ever growing demands.

Collaboration and teamwork

What does it look like to work with us?

We've assisted and guided teams in countless projects from inception to release. No matter what stage you are in your project's development cycle, we're here to help you get to the next level, one step at a time.

  • Meet and Greet

    Warm introductions, high level understanding of existing problems

  • 2

    Discovery / Planning

    Deeper understand of your problems, build context

  • 3


    Solution options, deliverables, scope, and budget, and timeframes

  • 4

    Design / Development

    Wireframes, designs, engineering team starts build

  • 5

    Testing / Documentation

    Configure environments, automated and manual tests, documentation

  • Release, Maintenance, and Support 🚀

    Go live! Post release monitoring, maintenance, and support

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Tech stuff

Experts in the web technologies we know and

A glimpse into what technologies we use to build great software.

Technology Logos - AWS

Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing services

Technology Logos - Docker


Reproducible and containerized artefacts

Technology Logos - Kubernetes / K8


Favourite orchestration platform at scale

Technology Logos - Serverless


Auto-scale on low cost - what's not to like?

Technology Logos - GraphQL / GQL

Apollo GraphQL

Next generation of API paradigm

Technology Logos - Python


Multi-purpose programming language of choice

Technology Logos - NodeJS and TypeScript / TS / JavaScript

NodeJS & TypeScript

Perfect blend of pragmatism and type safety

Technology Logos - ReactJS and Tailwind CSS

ReactJS & TailwindCSS

De facto standard for modern web apps

Technology Logos - Terraform


Declarative and industry standard IaC

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