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Our mission

Redefine patient care by evolving antiquated workflows through modern web technologies.

Together we can improve your business processes and define of patient care.

Rethink healthcare

Healthcare needs to change.

Expensive vendor lock-in

Prevents integration and service expansion that clinicians demand

Scaling Failure

Scaling issues can be the cause of bottlenecks and clinical performance

Antiquated Technology

Decaying systems that restrict clinics from upgrades and improvements

β€œWe believe the key to scaling healthcare is by integrating modern web technologies into all the products and services we provide.”

David & Dennis
Co-founders, Voltron Studio

Designed, developed, and deployed by Voltron

Our passion is expressed through our great products.

Healthcare is complex with multi-faceted problems but we're determined to improve healthcare with one great product at a time.

Healthcare systems do not scale. We're here to fix that.

We plan, build, and deliver bespoke integration solutions.

RIS/PACS Integration

We help extract DICOM from a variety of different PACS vendors

Custom PACS viewers

Our team have experience building feature rich single and multi slice DICOM viewers

Medical Imaging

High levels of experience and expertise when working with DICOM/HL7 technology

DICOM Management

Ingest, manipulate, and sanitize DICOM to fit your product needs

Cloud Integration

Getting data up into the cloud is hard, we make it easy

AI Integration

We build supportive systems to productionize AI models

Advanced Apps

Our technology stack allows us to build cutting edge mobile apps for your clinic


We use industry standard, ASD approved cryptographic algorithms to secure your data

Regulatory Compliant

We have experience building software to meet strict regulatory compliance


Need to deploy on AWS, other providers cloud or even on-premise? We're platform agnostic

Connecting Clinics

We ensure clinic to clinic integration is frictionless

Rapid Prototyping

We help validate your assumptions through functional iterative prototypes

Step by step

What does it look like to work with us?

Collaboration and transparency is key to the success of your project.



  • Meet and greet, warm introductions

  • High level context on the clinical workflow issues

  • Discuss outcomes, preferences, and desired result



  • Understand your problematic workflow

  • Empathize and analyze systems bottlenecks

  • Gather key requirements and specs

  • Build detailed context on the problem at hand



  • Provide varying solution options

  • Present the "why" for each presented solution

  • Agree on deliverables, scope, budget, and timelines



  • Develop UI wireframes, mock-ups, and designs

  • Our engineering team commences work

  • Rapid prototyping, adjusting based on feedback

  • Regular fortnightly progress showcases



  • Configure testing and production environments

  • Execute standard testing protocols

  • QA - Automated, manual and optional penetration testing


Release πŸš€

  • Go live! Deploy your new software solution

  • Post deployment performance and bug monitoring

  • Provide all documentation and training required

  • Maintenance and support

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Tech stuff

Experts in the web technologies we know and

A glimpse into what technologies we use to build great software.

Technology Logos - AWS

Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing services

Technology Logos - Docker


Reproducible and containerized artefacts

Technology Logos - Kubernetes / K8


Favourite orchestration platform at scale

Technology Logos - Serverless


Auto-scale on low cost - what's not to like?

Technology Logos - GraphQL / GQL

Apollo GraphQL

Next generation of API paradigm

Technology Logos - Python


Multi-purpose programming language of choice

Technology Logos - NodeJS and TypeScript / TS / JavaScript

NodeJS & TypeScript

Perfect blend of pragmatism and type safety

Technology Logos - ReactJS and Tailwind CSS

ReactJS & TailwindCSS

De facto standard for modern web apps

Technology Logos - Terraform


Declarative and industry standard IaC

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